SRC stun gun articles (eng)

The original english version of articles about malicious stun gun and NLO (homemade taser), which were created back in 2006-2007.

Note that some info is may be outdated or funny for Western reades (like using NiCd batteries or hand-grinding ferrite rods), also, many things presently could be done much easier with 3D printing.

So take this as a concept, not exact step-by-step DIY guide (despite it will definitely work if you repeat step-by-step).

part 1 — overview of the subject, introducing «malicious» or «shaped pulse» (in terms of Taser, inc) principle, making contact action stun gun.

part 2 — overview of remote stun guns, which are in pop-culture known as «Tasers» (but as you can see, taser is not the only one). Making a homemade one, including firing probes (cartridges).

P.S. name «NLO» is a joke: in russian, letters of this acronym mean, literally, an UFO (unidentified flying object) , but the same letters also form «non-lethal weapon»